MARI Oceans is a community-based seaweed farming company that had been perfecting its craft through research and development for more than 20 years in Indonesia. We work on effective business models in sustainably harvesting seaweed but still making sure of using transparent business principles and transparent and environmental friendly measures.


Become a reliable partner that promotes sustainable and profitable business opportunities


Providing mutual beneficial partnership between seaweed farmers and businesses while increasing the awareness and social responsibility to the farmers through innovative and more productive solutions.

Our Value Proposition
Food Security

Seaweed can play an important role in addressing food security for an increasingly growing global population, due to its application in human consumption, livestock feed, fish feed and more.

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

Seaweed aquaculture tackles both adaptation and mitigation elements of climate change, due to its multifaceted capability as a nature-based solution. Enhanced coastal resilience boosts adaptation to climate change and can be realised through cooperative structures such as MARI Oceans that add value (via education and secondary revenue opportunities) to the communities they serve. Seaweed also provides mitigation to climate change through carbon sequestration and emissions removals through organic seaweed products (biofertilizer, animal feed, bioplastics)

Ecosystem Restoration

Seaweed farming reduces pressure on fish stocks by providing an alternative livelihood option for artisanal fishermen and through the provision of an artificial reef system whereby habitat restoration can be achieved. Seaweed also helps to moderate ocean acidification and enables bio-mitigation services and nutrient re-allocation for the local marine environment.

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Disaster Risk Reduction

Seaweed farms act as a natural storm barrier and reduce the impact of storm surges in coastal areas, whilst also ensuring a sustainable livelihood option that increases resilience and financial stability for coastal communities. Access to finance and protection products through MARI Oceans also provides further resilience and capacity building.

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Economic Development

MARI Oceans creates local jobs in coastal regions that are the most affected by the impacts of climate change. Through the establishment of training and education for improved business and farming practices, farmers can start to increase their earnings and empower local economic growth to further rebalance the supply chain and create a new blue-green economy.

Financial Inclusion

Indonesian seaweed farmers are largely underserved in the financial market, with limited application of protection solutions and poor access to financial services overall. MARI Oceans will facilitate the delivery of affordable and accessible financial products for farmers and their families, encompassing savings and loans elements to enable business growth, as well as catastrophe insurance to protect the farmers growing environment.

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Province of South Sulawesi

Sulawesi Selatan

Bone District

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We are not alone in this endeavour. We have partners that believe on the same vision of promoting a profitable and sustainable ecosystem for the seaweed farming community in Indonesia and we work together to improve on every action that we are working on.

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