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Posted April 19 2023
Overview of Project 

MARI (PT. MARI Sejahtera Indonesia) is a community-based organisation that supports seaweed farmers' businesses through sustainable and fair cooperative models. By leveraging decades of regional farming experience and providing support systems such as advanced technology, sustainable tools and efficient operations, MARI seeks to increase household earnings and empower farmers. The company tackles the challenges and risks inhibiting the growth of seaweed farmers, adopting a systems-based approach and placing farmers at the heart of its operation.   


Our financial offering through a cooperative structure will drive membership expansion from South Sulawesi across multiple locations in Indonesia to 1,500 farmers by 2027. This will support improved practice and governance, rebalancing, and transitioning the entire seaweed sector into a formalised industry that works for all. MARI is seeking to scale its first site, already established in South Sulawesi and is looking to add to its growing team in the region.   

Overview of Role 

MARI seeks a Trading and Warehouse Coordinator to oversee the daily operations of the warehouse. As Trading and Warehouse Coordinator, you will be responsible for sourcing and buying dried seaweed from the farmers, ensuring seaweed is delivered safely and timely, distributing, storing packaging and transporting the seaweed to the buyer.  


At MARI, we seek people with passion, integrity, and a strong desire to improve the world. We expect staff to question the accepted norms and challenge all to improve on what we do, establishing a culture of continual improvement. Even if your experience does not match the job description, you are still encouraged to apply. Your skills and passion will stand out, especially if your career has taken extraordinary twists and turns. We welcome diverse perspectives, and people aren't afraid to challenge the status quo. 

Job Responsibilities
  • Inspect incoming and outgoing seaweed for quality and quantity according to the need of MARI Oceans.  

  • Maintaining the relationship with the seaweed supplier and farmers. 

  • Handling all warehouse processes. 

  • Allocate and organise storage locations according to requirements.  

  • Sort inventory according to established procedures.  

  • Update and maintain storage database.  

  • Documenting and administering all seaweed transactions with the farmers.  

  • Providing invoices for the farmers who sold the seaweed.  

  • Provide administrative support to the organization.  

  • Coordinating and updating the site manager and operational manager on daily activities. 

  • Packaging inventory for safe shipping.  

  • Ensure the delivery schedule is maintained and promptly alert supervisors if a delay occurs or is likely.  

  • Perform periodic inventory checks to ensure the accuracy of database information and minimize the risk of inventory issues.  

  • Participate in training activities to build MARI Indonesia staff capacity. 

  • Maintain strict confidentiality of all materials developed by MARI Indonesia (including sensor tools security); 

  • Other activities, as directed by the Managing Director. 

  • 5+ years of experience in the seaweed business. 

  • At least 2 years of experience in a warehouse setting.  

  • Able to safely use warehouse equipment.  

  • Good organisation, time management and scheduling skills. 

  • Basic bookkeeping experience. 

  • Experiencing using office management software, including word processing software and spreadsheets.  

  • Powerful interpersonal and effective communication skills (both oral and written)  

  • Outstanding logical, problem-solving, and administration skills  

  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, result-oriented, and collaborative workplace. 

  • Outstanding people management abilities.

  • Self-starter with a desire to work in a start-up and the ability to adapt to a fast-paced environment. 


The successful candidate will be on a 24-month contract and subject to a performance review after the first 12 months.   


Based in Takalar (for 5 months) Makassar, Indonesia.  

Travel throughout Indonesia will be required.    

To apply, please email with the title "Trading and Warehouse Coordinator (Takalar)."
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