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MARI Ocean's priority of empowering the lives of our partner seaweed farmers is just natural as to give thanks to the contribution they do in championing sustainable seaweed farming. Our partner farmers considers the ocean and its resources as a huge part of their being and something that they make sure they protect. With this thought in mind, they make sure that their livelihood of seaweed farming does not create harmful effects to the oceans in order to create a long-lasting provision to the next generations of their community. Through decades of perfecting their craft, our partner farmers became experts in performing eco-friendly practices of seaweed farming and are working with MARI Oceans with new technologies and techniques to increase high-level products but still prioritising sustainable practices.

On the coastal part of the province of South Sulawesi, seaweed farming had been a norm in sustaining the livelihood of people. With more than a decade of experience in seaweed farming, our farmers mastered natural principles in seaweed farming and applied it in producing high quality seaweed products. Their passion and dedication led them into discovering effective and environmentally-friendly techniques in seaweed farming as they look on to the goal of attaining enriched lives of their small coastal area.


Our farmers also believe that technology can help them into achieving a higher rate of productivity and, at the same time, produce superior seaweed having in mind the sea life that they want to preserve. They were welcoming to the idea of using technology in their seaweed farming and are now has the capability to support trusted traceability devices and provide information needed in increasing productivity of their products. 


Through their collaboration with MARI Indonesia, farmers are now experiencing an enhanced appreciation in their craft and the ability to protect their community and the seas which gives them a better regard to their lives.

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