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Building Resilient Social Models: MARI on Seaweed Around the Clock

MARI was proud to be a part of the annual "Seaweed Around the Clock" - an initiative showcasing innovations for all things seaweed. The 24-hour virtual event covered many exciting aspects of seaweed, from the various use cases to the latest scientific developments, coupled with discussions with leading experts and panellists.

MARI was especially pleased to join in the conversation on "Collaborative Seaweed Models" along with Co-Founder of social enterprises Coast 4C, Nick Hill and Mwani Zanzibar's Founder Klaartje Schade. The discussion brought insightful points on how each of us empowers coastal communities and how we can continue exploring the best ways to conserve and strengthen the seaweed ecosystem.

We look forward to more engaging discussions and collaborations with our partners in the seaweed ecosystem, creating reliable and equitable social models for our communities.


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