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MARI celebrates inaugural seaweed harvest

MARI Oceans first seaweed harvest

MARI Oceans completed its first-ever harvest, an achievement made possible through collaborative efforts with local farmers and the coastal community in Indonesia.

The inaugural harvest, which happened last quarter of 2023, was made possible even with the decline of productivity caused by El Nino and compounded by an unexpectedly early arrival of the dry season. With its crop diversification strategy, MARI harvested

MARI Oceans first seaweed harvest

seaweed of the species E. spinosum which exhibits greater adaptability and resilience to disease and temperature fluctuations.

Our farmers in the region were actively engaged in crop diversification efforts and after a period of 45 days, they have accomplished successful harvesting of E. Spinosum from seedling cultivation to commercial sales.

"Through the unwavering support of local farmers and the community, we were able to achieve the first harvest with good results. Despite the challenges of environmental changes in the region, we are very thankful for the resilience of our

seaweed farmers who worked with us to have a harvest of the E. spinosum seaweed," said Ardy Husny, Commercial Director of MARI Oceans.  

MARI's observations indicating the smooth thallus variety exhibits greater resilience compared to the rough thallus variety make it a promising alternative crop for mitigating the impact of environmental changes within the region.


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