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MARI Oceans acquires HACCP Certification, Paving the Way for Export

MARI Oceans first seaweed harvest

We are thrilled to share a significant milestone that underscores our commitment to food safety and sustainability: MARI Oceans has obtained the HACCP certificate from the Center for Quality Control and Supervision of Marine and Fishery Products (BPPMHKP) - Ministry of Marine and Fishery of Indonesia. 


The HACCP certification, or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, is a food safety certification designed to detect potential hazards in food production and establish safeguards to ensure the safety of the final products. Countries like China, Japan, and the United States mandate this certification for exporters. The certification acknowledges MARI’s commitment to identifying food safety hazards and implementing robust controls to ensure the safety of its seaweed products.

“This achievement didn’t happen overnight. It was the result of tireless efforts and close collaboration between our dedicated team and the coastal communities that have embraced our vision of premium quality and sustainable seaweed production” said Ardy Husny, Commercial Director of MARI Oceans. "Our journey towards attaining the HACCP certification involved rigorous audits, detailed inspections, and comprehensive compliance considering international standards. We are excited about the opportunities this opens up and look forward to working with new international customers, partners, and investors across the globe.” 


With attaining the HACCP certification, MARI is now poised to expand its reach and explore new markets. It opens doors to international trade and expects to attract the attention of investors and partners who share our vision for a sustainable future. 

For more information about us, our sustainable practices, food security certification, and partnership opportunities, please reach out to our team and let's work together to create a more sustainable future through seaweed. 


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