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MARI Welcomes New Commercial Director to Leadership Team

MARI Oceans is pleased to announce the appointment of Ardy Husny, a prominent senior procurement and supply chain professional, to spearhead the commercial operations at MARI. Ardy's extensive experience and profound insights within the Indonesian cocoa industry uniquely position him to drive excellence in commercial activities, mirroring our commitment to elevate standards for seaweed farmers and increase transparency and quality for our valued buyers.

Dodon Yamin, CEO of MARI Oceans, commented that Pak Ardy’s appointment marked an important step in the building out of the Mari Oceans Indonesian team as the company prepares to scale its operations in Sulawesi.

Graham Clark, Chairman of KMB Pte Ltd, added "Ardy's arrival marks a pivotal moment in our journey. His expertise in supply chain management and farmer operations is set to be a remarkable asset for our team and business partners, propelling us forward in our mission to cultivate thriving ecosystems for seaweed farmers."

This strategic collaboration signifies MARI's ongoing dedication to strengthening the seaweed industry by including top-tier talent and expertise. As we leverage Ardy's profound knowledge with our vision, we are poised to continue transforming the landscape of seaweed farming, fostering sustainable growth and unparalleled quality to create better lives and livelihoods for seaweed farmers.


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